Every young Canadian should have access to Canadian books. Help make this a priority.

The I Read Canadian Fund supports getting new, Canadian books into the hands of young people across the country. Additionally, this fund supports the expansion of the children’s choice reading programs into indigenous, rural and priority communities, and most importantly the delivery of NEW books to young people. Let’s get kids excited about reading for fun!

A donation to the I Read Canadian Fund will support getting Canadian books into the hands of Canadian kids across the country and support rural, Indigenous, and remote communities. Find out more on why to give and where to give,  and help us to reach our $30,000 goal! 

FUND APPLICATION (accepted all year)

This application form is for those seeking funds to help cover the costs of Canadian books, the shipment of the books, transportation for young people to get to  Forest of Reading Festivals and for the registration into the Forest of Reading program.

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